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We look forward to working with you to increase the quality of phlebotomists in your area and around North America.

National Association of Phlebotomy Professionals

N.A.P.P. Regional Representative

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N.A.P.P.  Regional Representative

The application process for Regional Representative requires a sincere desire to contribute the time and effort necessary to advocate the highest standards of phlebotomy practices. Your interest in a regional representative position already demonstrates those qualities.
      Our consideration process also requires a thorough review of the candidate’s qualifications, compatibility with the philosophy and objectives of N.A.P.P. As a candidate, we ask that you submit the following:


1.      At least one letter of recommendation

2.      A brief essay of why you want to Become a Regional Representative and how you can help N.A.P.P.

3.      A current resume or curriculum vitae

Upon receipt, we will carefully review the information provided, and contact you with the board’s decision.



The responsibilities of regional representatives are to:


  • promote membership in N.A.P.P. in your area;
  • become a member of at least one N.A.P.P committee;
  • be a resource for phlebotomy information in your area;
  • develop one regional educational event per year;
  • promote N.A.P.P. at various healthcare facilities in the region;
  • be a liaison with the N.A.P.P. board of directors on legislative issues in the state;
  • provide a quarterly update of regional activities/news to the N.A.P.P. newsletter committee for posting.

Thank You for your consideration

Copyright 2005, N.A.P.P.A. USA