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National Association of Phlebotomy Professionals
Getting Involved
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Dear National Association of Phlebotomy Professionals member:

The N.A.P.P. Board of Directors thanks you for becoming a member and for designating your interest in becoming a committee member or Regional Representative in your area for our organization.


Since our organization began in 2005, N.A.P.P. will become recognized worldwide as a driving force in the recognition and advancement of the phlebotomy profession. We are very enthusiastic about your desire to become a very important part of our team, and your willingness to become an ally with us in the advancement of the phlebotomy profession shares our greater vision for the phlebotomy profession.


If your interest is in becoming a committee member, we have several committees that need you. Please select the committee(s) that interest you from the following list and notify the appropriate committee chairperson of your interest.

 National Association of Phlebotomy Professionals

we strive to represent all phlebotomy professionals. We are determined to become a premier organization with the help of sincere, dedicated professionals like you. Please contact us if you wish help.

 list of committees and the chairperson.




Email address


prepare/maintain annual budget, manage financial activity

Tracie Lichfield


Continuing Education

Develop and manage educational programs/material excluding conferences

Tracie Lichfield



Recruit/manage/communicate with membership

Rob Bishop


Communicate with members with special interests in N.A.P.P. phlebotomy advocacy activities

Tracie Lichfield


Regional Representatives

Recruit/manage/communicate with regional representatives

Rob Bishop

International Outreach

Recruit/manage/communicate with international organizations and representatives

Rob Bishop


Develop and conduct conferences

Rob Bishop


Promote/monitor state/federal activity on phlebotomy certification legislation.

Tracie Lichfield Rob Bishop


Write/recruit articles for monthly newsletter

Tracie Lichfield/ Rob Bishop


Membership is free

Thank you for your support



Please invite a friend to join us

Thank you for becomming an active member of N.A.P.P.

Copyright 2005, N.A.P.P.A. USA